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Ask An Olympian … Answered!

August 11th, 2012

Anthony Ervin, file photo. Credit: Tim Binning,

August 11, 2012 — Anthony Ervin has answered your questions from the London Olympics! You can read his questions in the comments box below! Thanks, Anthony! We hope everyone enjoyed the Games, seems Anthony sure did, as did many of the athletes.

August 1, 2012 — You’ve seen the broadcasters ask the Olympic athletes their questions on TV … but what do YOU really want to know?

What kind of jitters they get in the moments before they compete? What events they like to watch in their free time? Who they’re making friends with? What the food in the cafeteria like?

Flag by 6-year old

Whatever it is, here’s your chance to ask an Olympian … as it’s happening! Team USA swimmer, Anthony Ervin, will take some kids’ questions … while he’s there! This is a really special opportunity so send in your questions below. Even if you’re not from the U.S., we encourage you to submit! He’ll answer what he can. Thanks, Anthony! Super cool. Check back here for his answers!

Anthony will be competing in the 50 meter freestyle on August 2nd, so watch for him. It’s the same event he won gold in at the Olympics in 2000, 12 years ago! Here’s HTE’s previous story and interview with him.

At the 2000 Olympics

Having covered the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 with NBC, I can tell you there are few events more exciting and inspiring than to see the world come together in the name of sport, and to watch athletes from all over the world be their very best. NBC does a great job covering it and you can follow all the events and stories on their website: NBC Olympics .

In the meantime, HTE will be taking a little break to enjoy the Olympics and recharge our batteries for the Fall. We’ll be posting here and there, but mainly spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors. We hope you have a great summer too.

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20 Comments on “Ask An Olympian … Answered!”

  • Lisa Ferrara says:

    Luc and Nico want to ask what Anthony is doing to get ready for Thursday. Are you eating differently?

    • Anthony Ervin says:

      Yes, once I hit the road on my way to Trials, and then to the training camps in Knoxville, Tennessee and Vichy, France, and of course in the Olympic Village, I was eating a differently than I was used to…. but that is a part of the journey too, and an element to be expected! Some highlights: Knoxville had some of the best sushi I’ve ever had (in a landlocked state, no less!), France deserves its reputation when it comes to cuisine, and when I ate McDonalds after I was done competing I felt really gross on the inside! LOL

  • Nico Ferrara says:

    Will you get a new tattoo when you get home based on your experience? What will it be?

    • Anthony Ervin says:

      Absolutely! Aside from the ongoing projects on my arms, I want to get a tattoo of The Bard, Shakespeare! It’ll probably be somewhat cartoon-y and i’ll put in on my calf.

  • L. says:

    Are you happy? I saw you on TV. You look happy! (HTE edit: submitted before Anthony Ervin’s race). Are you happy after?

  • David says:

    How does pressure effect how you compete, especially at the Olympics?

    • Anthony Ervin says:

      What pressure? I’m doing what I enjoy, and others seems to enjoy allowing me to do it. If there is any pressure, it’s like the momentum of a wave… ride it!

  • Graham says:

    are/were you nervous about the finals? is the water cold?

    • Anthony Ervin says:

      My nerves function really well on overdrive, so yes, of course, I was nervous! The water temperature was juuuuust right … though maybe the warm-up pool was a degree or two colder than I would prefer!

  • owen the awesome guy (owen) says:

    what triggered your wanting to be a competitive swimmer? what were your passions outside of swimming? Are you aiming to be in the next summer olympics?

    • Anthony Ervin says:

      I’ve been passionate about lots of things, but for now let’s strip it down to the two most important: Rock’n’Roll and literature. In regards to Rio, I’ve a feeling I’ll be there, though as an actual competitor is yet to be determined!



  • BOB says:

    When did you first decide that you wanted to be a swimmer???????????????

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