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Biggest Sports Contract In US History

November 18th, 2014

Giancarlo Stanton via Flickr user d-deee

Giancarlo Stanton is signing the most expensive sports contract in U.S. history it was reported yesterday … $325 million dollars over the next 13 years!

Not bad for someone who turned 25 years old just last week.

He’s set to earn $25 million per year. About $68,000 per day! That’s over $2,800 per hour!

Stanton is considered one of the best baseball players right now … but not quite a superstar. Yet. And that’s what the Marlins are hoping will happen. Stanton, an outfielder and home run hitter, seems to be on that path, with a long career ahead of him.

But there are definitely people wondering if he’s worth THAT much. Many people, including baseball insiders, are shocked at the amount.

The Miami Marlins are not known for their big spending, big commitments, recent results, or fan turnout. The hope is this deal, and Giancarlo Stanton, will re-energize the fans in the stands … and the standings.

But then many are wondering: now that the Marlins have their main guy how are they going to be able to afford the rest of the team?

The best of Stanton may still be yet to come, but another concern is that 13 years is a long time in sports. There are reportedly clauses built into the contract that they can go their separate ways after 6 years, but it’s still a big commitment.

Some commentators point to an already iffy start. Stanton missed the last part of this baseball season because he was hit in the head with a pitch in September. He suffered multiple fractures to his head. He is expected to recover in time for Spring when baseball starts up again. But will he be as good as he was before?

And then there’s a history of these big contracts not working out too well. The most famous example … Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Until Stanton’s contract, A-Rod had the biggest contract. He didn’t perform up to expectations and then he was banned for using steroids. Stanton’s contract is worth $50 million more than A-Rod’s.

Finally, some people don’t think athletes should be paid this kind of money in the first place. Others say, if teams can afford it, and there’s demand, then why not?

What do you think?

Interestingly, there was a New York Times article recently about how professional soccer players in the U.S. often have to get second jobs because, while they love their sport, they don’t make enough money to live off of.

In many cases, they make less than Giancarlo Stanton stands to make in a day with this new deal.

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