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Deepest Dive … Done!

March 26th, 2012

National Geographic Explorer James Cameron as he emerges from his sub after successfully reaching the world's deepest point, March 25, 2012. Photo credit/with permission: Mark Thiessen/National Geopgraphic

Congratulations to James Cameron for reaching the deepest point on Earth!

The Avatar and Titanic movie director, who has reportedly loved the ocean since he was a kid, took his specially designed one-person submarine down nearly 7 miles (11 kilometers) in the Pacific Ocean to the Mariana Trench, near the U.S. territory of Guam.

Mr. Cameron is the first person to go down there alone and he’s the first person to truly explore it. He teamed up with National Geographic, among others, to make the trip. National Geographic has given us a first ever glimpse of this deepest point on Earth! You too can see a bit of what’s down there! (Because it’s uploaded via YouTube it may have ads out of HTE’s control):

He said, “I felt like I, in the space of one day, had gone to another planet and come back … a very desolate place. Very isolated.”

Where he went is 120 times bigger than the Grand Canyon and deeper than Mt. Everest is high, according to the Associated Press.

Mr. Cameron made the trip in a green submarine that he calls the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER but which has been described as looking like a “vertical torpedo” because it travels straight up and down when in the water.

The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER at launch. Photo Credit/with permission: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic

According to National Geographic, it took him two-and-a-half hours to get down to the bottom, three hours to look around, and amazingly just over an hour to get back up. But Mr. Cameron had been carefully planning this trip for 7 years.

James Cameron as he returns from his DEEPSEA CHALLENGE dive March 25, 2012. Photo credit/with permission: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic

And while it’s a big deal for him and the record books, it’s also a victory for exploration, for the scientists who will get to study the samples he brought back … and for us. Mr. Cameron had cameras attached to his sub and was filming while he was down there. He plans to make two movies about it so the rest of us can share in his adventure.

You can also learn more by visiting or National Geographic . They have lots of great information, pictures and videos. To read HTE’s previous posts on this story, click here .

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