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Earthquake in Nepal

April 28th, 2015

April 25, 2015, Nepal earthquake. Photo credit: Krish Dulal via Wikimedia Commons

There was a devastating earthquake in Nepal on Saturday that has flattened entire villages and has sadly killed over 5,000 people, with thousands more expected to have died.

Many of the people who were lucky enough to survive are injured and have nowhere to go because their homes have been destroyed. Their food and water supplies are dwindling too. They are also looking for loved ones, or mourning them.

Hospitals can’t help all the people who need it, there are just too many of them.

Many people are sleeping outside now because they’re afraid of more buildings collapsing.

There are a few reasons why this earthquake happened here (and in a way that it wouldn’t likely happen in other places).

Nepal is in a very earthquake-prone zone. The earth’s rocky crust is known to thrust together here, causing earthquakes. It happens here fairly predictably about every 80 years. Geologists knew Nepal was due for one, but it’s impossible to know exactly when. When earthquakes happen , the earth releases energy, kind of like relieving stress.

The quake measured a 7.8 on the scale, which makes it a major earthquake. But scientists believe it could have been much stronger.

Nepal is a small country between India and China

What’s made it more difficult is that Nepal is a poor country money-wise. Many buildings aren’t built to standards that would have made them more sturdy. And officials don’t have the resources to properly help rescue people. Other countries are now send things like people and helicopters to help.

Many of the villages in Nepal hit by the earthquake are also very remote (far from other places) so it’s very difficult to get to them. And landslides are blocking the way.

Mt. Everest is there too. The earthquake triggered a huge avalanche on the world’s tallest mountain that killed some of the climbers and sherpa (local guides).

Mount Everest. Photo credit: shrimpo1967/Crisco via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a tough situation and news story, but we can help. If you would like to, Kids of Kathmandu  is a good organization to donate to. Please have your adult help you with this.

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    this is really sad and i wish the best of luck to people in Nepal…

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