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Greatest Olympian Ever!

August 1st, 2012

Michael Phelps with his record breaking 19th medal. Photo: AP/Matt Slocum

USA Swimmer Michael Phelps now has more Olympic medals than anyone, in any sport … ever!

He won his 19th medal last night which earned him the title of the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time.

Amazingly, 15 of those medals are gold — 6 more than anyone else.

He won gold to beat the record in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay race with three of his teammates.

It was Phelps’ first gold medal of these Olympic games.

Phelps won his medals over the course of three different Olympics — Athens (Greece) in 2004, Beijing (China) in 2008, and now London.

Until Phelps’s win last night, Soviet gymnast, Larisa Latynina, had the most medals of anyone. She competed 50 years ago. Nine of her medals were gold.

Michael Phelps has said all along that he’d like to be the first to do something. After his amazing accomplishment he said, “The biggest thing I’ve always said is anything is possible.”

Phelps has three more events left to go and could have 22 medals by the time he’s done! Wow!

And although he’s said this will be his last Olympics, it might be a very, very long time before anyone beats his record (if ever!).

Congratulations, Michael Phelps!

To see a slideshow of all of his medal victories, you can click here to be taken to NBC Olympics’ website.

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3 Comments on “Greatest Olympian Ever!”

  • Kaitlan M. says:

    Congrats! You inspire me a lot. I hope one day I can do what you do.

  • Avery says:

    How do you do the buttefly i haev so much trouble with that. But i can do the other ones good. And i was also wacthing Miehle phelps he wqas so good in butterfly his arm span was insane!

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