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Homeless Man Returns Money

December 28th, 2010

photo credit: Michael Ging for USA Today

A homeless man named Dave Tally had just spent his last few dollars to fix his bike. That’s how he got around because he couldn’t afford a car. In fact, he owed $67, so he had less than no money, no real job, and no place to live.

He was walking along and saw a backpack on the ground, but no owner. He opened it up … and there was $3,300 in cash! Can you imagine what he was thinking, especially because he really needed the money?  What would you do? His thought was that as much as he needed the money, it wasn’t his because he didn’t earn it.  The owner’s name was in the backpack, and Dave returned all of it.

The owner turned out to be a college student named Bryan Belanger who spent a lot of time and hard work saving that money to buy a used car.

Bryan’s mother was so grateful that she called the newspaper and, because of that, a lot of people found out about what a good person Dave Tally was. Some of them were so impressed that they sent him some of their own money to help him out a little.

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