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If You Can Make It There …

April 20th, 2016
CNN lit up the Empire State Building ... red for Republican Donald Trump's win. Blue for Democrat Hillary Clinton's win.

CNN lit up the Empire State Building … red for Republican Donald Trump’s win. Blue for Democrat Hillary Clinton’s win.

New Yorkers watched the Empire State Building in anticipation last night to see what color it would be lit up as the winners of the presidential primary were announced on CNN.

Each candidate was assigned a color and the top of the building was lit up to represent the winning candidates.

First it lit up crimson (a deep red) when Donald Trump won among the Republican candidates.

Then, later on, it turned blue as Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders on the Democratic party side of things.

New York is the 33rd primary to be held this presidential election season. That’s far enough into this whole process that normally by now the nominee for each party has been all but determined. But not so this time.

New York’s primary was also a big deal this time because three of the five candidates in the race have New York ties.

Donald Trump is a New Yorker and has buildings with his name on it all over the city.

Hillary Clinton lives in New York state and was a US Senator from New York from 2001-2009.

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, NY, and lived in New York through high school.

After last night’s results and Clinton and Trump’s strong showing, analysts are predicting that Hillary Clinton will most likely be the Democratic party nominee and that Donald Trump will most likely be the Republican party’s nominee.

And even though we’re in the homestretch for the primaries, there are still 15 of them left. And no one is giving up … yet.

New Yorkers know it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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