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It’s 12/12/12!

December 12th, 2012

Photo credit: Steve Greenblatt

It’s 12/12/12 today — December 12, 2102 — just another Wednesday for some.

But it’s also the century’s last repeating date, and as a result, it means a whole lot more for others!

Kiam Moriya, from Birmingham, Alabama, will be turning 12 years old on 12/12/12 at 12:12 pm!  You can see what he thinks about it by clicking here to go to a news website in Alabama, . Others, of course, will be celebrating their birthday at that time as well.

Outside of celebrating a cool birthday today, a lot of people are marking this occasion in special ways.

The number is considered good luck for many people, especially, reports say, in Asian countries. Some people are hoping their babies will be born today. And there are many more weddings planned for today than usual, too. The hope is it’s a lucky day for love (or at least an easy way to remember your anniversary!).

There is also concert tonight with many big name performers like Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones. It’s a global event that could reach 2 billion people, including over the Internet . Organizers are predicting it may be the largest concert event in history! The concert will help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The movie project, One Day On Earth , previously featured on HTE , is also filming today. Their hope is that someone from every country will submit a little video of what life is like today, and they’ll make it into a movie.

Hopefully, if you’re young enough, you could live to see the next big sequential date 88 years from now on January 1, 2101.

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Some other cool facts about the number 12 ?

* There are 12 months in a year.

* There are 12 hours in face of analogue clock.

* There are 12 inches in a foot.

* A dozen is a quantity that means twelve.

* In astrology, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac.

* Twelve men have walked on the Earth’s moon.

* There’s the famous song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

* Pope Benedict XVI, who recently joined Twitter, sent out his first tweet today.

* According to, “number crunchers have a profound respect for the number 12, mainly because of its divisibility capabilities. It can divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths. So it can only be assumed that mathematicians will find 12/12/12 to be three times more exciting than a normal “12” day!

Will you be marking this day in a special way? 

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