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March Madness!

March 17th, 2016

March Madness

It’s NCAA March Madness time! Every year around this time a huge men’s and women’s college basketball tournament gets underway.

NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association.

It’s such a big deal that even President Obama publicly picks his favorites to win each year (see below). He’s an avid basketball player and college basketball fan himself … though too bad he’s only picked the winner of the men’s team correctly once since he’s been in office for 8 years now.

There are 68 teams in the men’s bracket. 64 teams in the women’s.  With any game you either win and move on … or you’re out.

For the men:  the Final Four is on April 4. And the Championship game is on April 6th (so much for March!). A more complete men’s schedule is at ESPN .

For the women: The Final Four is on April 3. The Championship game is on April 5. For a more complete schedule you can click here for the NCAA’s schedule.

So, who’s favored to win?

For the men’s side … the Kansas Jayhawks . They’ve been on fire winning 30 out of 34 games this season and they’re the number one over all seed. President Obama picked them to win as well.

But they haven’t been dominant all season. No team has. And there have been upsets … a lot of them among the top teams. So it could be anyone’s game.

The women’s side is a different matter. The University of Connecticut (UConn) DOMINATES women’s college basketball. They won the last three years in a row, and they would make history if they won it this year — an unprecedented fourth! They’ve won every game but one in the last three seasons! Whoa!

UConn’s star player, Breanna Stewart , could make history too if UConn wins … as the only player — man or woman(!) — to win the national college title four years in a row. The best part is she has a great reputation as a team player and down-to-earth person.

To see President Obama’s picks (or Baracket-ology) you can watch below. (Ads are out of HTE’s control and originate from the source of the video, ESPN in this case.)

If you want to fill out a women’s bracket (guess which match-ups will win) you can click here for  the one by  Sports Illustrated . People love to guess!

If you want to fill out a men’s bracket (guess which match-ups will win) you can click here for the NCAA’s .

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