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McKenna vs Goliath

October 16th, 2014

McKenna Peterson. Photo courtesy of Chris Peterson.

12-year old basketball player, McKenna Peterson, recently opened up her favorite catalog when it came in the mail … the Dick’s Sporting Goods catalog. As she looked through it, she noticed that none of the basketball players in it were female. They were all male.

She bought her basketball shoes and other practice equipment at Dick’s so this made her even more frustrated. She spends her money there, but she wasn’t represented.

She fired off this letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods:

via Twitter

The CEO, Mr. Ed Stack, responded back:

via Twitter @thecheapseatstv

In the meantime, her letter went viral and she has been interviewed in the newspapers and on TV.

More and more girls are participating in sports every year. Over 19 million girls played basketball, volleyball, and soccer last year, according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

And while about 40% of U.S. athletes are female, according to  the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota … just 4% of TV sports coverage is female sports.

Hopefully McKenna’s letter will help keep the ball rolling for sports merchandisers and the media to be more representative of reality — that girls, who are half the population, play sports.

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