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No More Baths?

June 29th, 2012

Ludwick Marishane explaining DryBath. Photo by: TedxSoweto via Flickr/Creative Commons

Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t feel like taking a bath? (But your parents made you anyway?)

A young South African student has invented a product where now you can get clean … without taking a bath! Tell you more?

A few years ago, 16-year old Ludwick Marishane and his friend were enjoying a day at the beach. Ludwick’s friend didn’t want to rinse off at the end of the day saying he was too lazy to shower — why couldn’t someone just invent a product he could put on his skin right there to get clean and be done with it? Ludwick ran home, did some research (on his cellphone because he didn’t have a computer) … and over time came up with DryBath.

The idea is a little like hand sanitizer only with other ingredients, and it doesn’t have that alcohol smell. (Don’t use hand sanitizer on your body instead of soap and water!)

During his research Ludwick also learned that 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have proper access to water and sanitation. That’s about a third of the world’s population.

Ludwick said that now in addition to wanting to help his “lazy” friend, he also wanted to help those around the world who can’t easily get clean. Staying clean in some parts of the world can help prevent serious disease.

In the meantime, armies, airlines and hotels see DryBath’s potential too. It can be hard for soldiers out in the field to take a shower (plus it can cost a lot of money to transport water to locations). It can be convenient on long flights.  And hotels can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water which helps save the environment too.

Ludwick Marishane has received global recognition for his invention. He was named one of Google’s 12 “Brightest Young Minds” in the world last year. He also won the Global Student Entrepeneur Award for 2011 as well.

Commenting on his invention he said, “I had to come up not with just a solution for my lazy friend anymore but to really solve this problem. I mean it was a win-win situation, I get to save the world and make a lot of money!”

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8 Comments on “No More Baths?”

  • Brinley says:

    Wow I am so inpressed that a young african american boy could invent that product. It truly does help all the people around the world that dont have pure clean water to bathe in. Its so sad but now that youve invented this you have created something that will help people all around the world! Thank you for doing that! Also I hate taking showers too! Looks like i’ll have to buy some of your Dry Bath! 🙂

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