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Not As Clean As You Think…

June 19th, 2013

Photo credit: Big Stock Photo

So, we’re not going to poll you to find out. We’re not so sure we even want to know (!) … but researchers in Michigan secretly observed nearly 3,800 people at restrooms to see if people washed their hands properly.

The answer was:  NO. Not even close.

10% didn’t even pretend to wash their hands.

23% washed … but didn’t actually use any soap (so that doesn’t really count!).

The rest used soap (pretty good!) but most of them not for long enough.

Only 5% washed their hands with soap for 15 seconds or more.  The recommended length of time is 20 seconds.

The  study  was done in a Michigan college town but might be an indication of the population in general.

Ironically, about 95% of people — exactly the opposite of the findings — say they wash their hands properly.

48 million people get sick each year from eating contaminated food according to the study. The Centers for Disease Control says half of them wouldn’t have gotten sick if they’d washed their hands.

This is a story from a long time ago, but tells the story well (with a healthy dose of eeewwww):

Recap: Wash for about 2 Happy Birthday songs, with soap and warm water. 🙂

But remember, not all germs are bad.

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