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September 12th, 2013

Frog in the mist of the LADEE launch, left side of screen. Photo credit: NASA

It’s already big news when an unmanned robotic spacecraft launches to the moon. That happened on September 6 with the launch of LADEE (pronounced lad-ee and short for Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer).

Some of the images from it were amazing (see below).

But it becomes even bigger news … when a frog photobombs  the launch.

That’s one small step for man … and one GIANT leap for a frog whose lily pad was a touch too close to the launch pad. The photo with the frog is real, NASA has confirmed that.

LADEE launch. Photo credit: NASA's Ed Campion

LADEE is reportedly the size of a small car and will take a month to enter the moon’s orbit to collect dust and study its atmosphere. It will not be landing, however.

There’s an amazing amount we still don’t know about the moon, and this will also help us learn about other planets and their moons.  You can learn more in NASA’s video below.

How’d the frog get there? The launch took place on Wallops Island in Virginia. NASA launches rockets from there but it’s a  national wildlife refuge as well.

What happened to the frog?  It’s unclear … but it may not have had a “hoppy” ending.

Want to get involved? NASA wants you to. You can click  here  to learn how.

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