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Super Bowl 50

February 9th, 2016

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It was the historic and much anticipated Super Bowl 50 this past Sunday.

The Denver Broncos upset the Carolina Panthers, who were favored to win.

The Panthers had only lost one game all year. And their young, talented, and charismatic quarterback, Cam Newton, had recently been named the NFL’s MVP during the regular season.

The score was Broncos, 24 – Panthers, 10.

This was the second Super Bowl victory for 39-year old Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning.

The Broncos’ defense — sacking Newton six times (a lot) — were the real stars of the game. (A sack, basically, is when the quarterback is prevented from throwing the ball by the other team’s defense.)

Here are the NFL’s highlights from the game:

Broncos’ defensive linebacker Von Miller earned the game’s Most Valuable Player trophy. Here’s the breakdown of Miller’s plays from ESPN’s Sport Science .

Despite the sacks, Cam Newton wasn’t criticized so much during the game as he was after it because of his behavior in the press conference. He was sulking and pouting and then just walked out.

Some say that if you lost the biggest game of your life (and in front of 111.9 million people watching!) you wouldn’t want to face a room full of people asking you about it a few minutes after it happened. Understandably so. But others are saying that the true mark of a leader is being able to do that, to carry yourself well in the face of defeat. You can see part of the interview and him walking off  here .

What do you think?

But the focus is also on Peyton Manning with everyone wanting to know: is he going to retire? Pretty much everyone thinks he is, that he’ll go out on top … but he wouldn’t say on Sunday night no matter how hard interviewers tried to get it out of him.

Lady Gaga did an amazing job singing the National Anthem . The halftime show was performed by Coldplay … and featured heavy hitters Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

And then there’s the commercials, always a big part of the Super Bowl tradition. We thought the Avocados from Mexico ad was really funny. Good thing they’re good for you 🙂

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