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Chinese President visits President Obama

January 22nd, 2011

photo credit: Jim Young/Reuters

For three days last week, Chinese president Hu Jintao came to the United States to meet with President Obama and to talk about their countries’ relationship. President Obama wants China to do a better job at treating its people better (for example, as President Obama said, “freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly). President Hu Jintao did say that he will work on that but didn’t say how.

Liu Xiabo

Liu Xiabo

For example, a Chinese man, Liu Xiabo, won the Nobel Peace Prize this year (the award for doing the most in the world to make the world peaceful and trying to have China have the same kind of human rights as we have here). But after he won his award, he was put in jail and not allowed to travel to the country to accept his award.

Of the almost 7 billion people in the entire world, 1 billion (the most of any country) live in China … 700 million more people than the United States!

So for a number of reasons it is very important that the United States and China work together and get along.  China is also very near to a country called North Korea, which has been acting up a bit lately, so it would be helpful and very important if China could help to make North Korea behave better.

President Obama also announced that the United States and China have agreed to do some business together between the two countries.

There was a little boy from the United States who got to go to China and visit a Chinese school to see the similarities and differences, click here to read more about that .

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