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Who Should Be On a Stamp?

September 27th, 2011

Lady Gaga illus. by the New York Times

Who Should Be On A Stamp?

September 27, 2011 — If you could choose any famous person — who’s still alive — to be on a postage stamp, who would it be?

That’s what the United States Postal Service wants to know. Yesterday they announced that for the first time ever they will be issuing stamps with people who are still alive.

Until now, their rule has been that anyone honored on an official stamp needs to have been dead for at least five years. The most famous stamp ever with a person on it? The singer Elvis Presley who died in 1977 but didn’t get a stamp until 1993 — 16 years later! Over 124 million stamps with his image on it were sold. But nowadays a lot of people use email, which of course doesn’t require stamps, so the postal service is trying to make it a bit more interesting so people will want to send letters.

If there’s one person who would make you want to write and mail more letters because they were on a stamp, who would it be? Should it be someone famous who most people know and like? Someone who’s done something important? Someone who entertains us? Or has a big accomplishment? A singer, a Nobel Prize winner,  an inventor, a sports star, a scientist, or an artist? Who’s the most famous person you know of?

You can submit your answer below and I will submit them to the United States Postal Service for you!

Oh, and did you know you can make your own official postage stamp with your face or artwork? It costs a little bit more, but can be a fun way to mail a letter or it can make a good gift. A few companies do it, but here’s one (ust remember to do it with an adult).

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