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Woman on Paper Money For First Time?

April 9th, 2015

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President Andrew Jackson may have to move on over. There’s a campaign underway to have the first woman ever on our paper money, particularly on the $20, where he’s currently at.

A few months ago, a 9-year old 3rd grader wrote an awesome letter to President Obama noticing there weren’t any women on our paper money and suggesting he change that. She gave a list of famous American women who(m) she thought could be contenders. You can see her letter in Time magazine here .

President Obama wrote back to her saying it was a good idea and that he thought she was pretty impressive too.

Since then, it’s become a movement complete with a website called Women On 20s .

After a long list of women and many rounds of voting, they’ve identified four women who they think would be worthy of being on our $20.

You can watch the video about them here:

You can learn more about them (and how the whole process could work) on their site here .

You can vote too (though you should do it with an adult).

Who would you put on the $20? Do you think it will happen?

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