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World’s Longest Tunnel

December 28th, 2010

The world’s longest tunnel is currently under construction. Actually, it’s been under construction for the past 24 years, starting with the tools. Even they needed to be made! Special drills were designed and built just for the project (see the above photo).

They’re needed for drilling under the Swiss Alps , a mountain range in Switzerland — not so easy to do, especially when it’s going to be 35 miles long when it’s finished! That’s about a 45-minute car ride when you’re in the car going somewhere with your family but to go over mountains, of course, would take longer.  The inside tube of the tunnel will be 30 feet wide. Cars, trucks and even 4,000 ton freight trains will be able to use it.

It’ll be finished in 2017, six years from now. How old will you be then?

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