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2 Weeks Later … Still No Power

November 13th, 2012

Volunteers help climb the darkened stairs for some residents in Queens, NY, November 10, 2012. Photo credit: AP Photo/John Minchillo

It’s been two weeks since Superstorm Sandy struck the northeast coast of the U.S. … and there are still 84,000 people who don’t have their power back.

Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Understandably, those people are not happy about it.

After two weeks they remain in the dark … and cold. They have no heat or hot water. They can’t use their stoves. Their elevators don’t work. No Internet or TV either.

They stand in long lines for food, clothing, and gas.

Many residents of the hardest hit areas are in New York and New Jersey, including the Rockaways, Breezy Point, and Staten Island.

Click here to be taken to Google’s incredible interactive map of Hurricane Sandy  where you can see the hardest hit areas and the efforts to help them.

The New York Times reported today about one woman who walks up and down 14 flights of stairs — to collect 10 buckets of water — four times a day. Some of that water is used to help flush the toilets that many residents have stopped flushing.

One man who was recently allowed to return to his home and business found six feet of sand inside his basement, according to The New York Times . Some of buildings are now getting moldy from all the water damage. That’s a whole new set of problems.

It’s peoples homes and work places that are damaged, but it’s “infrastructure” too — bridges, tunnels and subway lines will need to be repaired, too.

The destruction from the storm continues to be compared to looking like a war zone.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, November 12, 2012. Photo credit: AP/Mel Evans

Superstorm Sandy knocked out power to about 8.5 million customers in 21 states after hitting New Jersey on October 29, according to the Reuters news agency. Experts are saying it could cost $60 billion to fix everything the storm destroyed as well as the cost of business that people lost.

People are angry it’s taking so long to restore their electricity. Some are losing hope. And time is running out. Residents have already had to endure one massive snow storm that knocked out power again for some … and winter is on its way.

Though power to more and more are being restored every day there are still way too many left without it. One resident still waiting, Wayne Cimorelli, said, “This is the nightmare that doesn’t want to end.”

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