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80-Year Old Climbs Mt. Everest — Oldest Ever

May 23rd, 2013

Yuichiro Miuram 80, at the summit of Mt. Everest. Photo handout courtesy: Miura Dolphins

Wow. An 80-year old Japanese man has become the oldest man ever to climb to the top of Mt. Everest — the highest mountain in the world.

Yuichiro Miura reached the summit this morning and made a phone call from the top telling his family and supporters, “This is the best feeling of my life,” adding, “I feel like I’m on top of the world!”

Actually, you are!

He’s not new to climbing the 29, 035 foot high (8,850 meter) Mt. Everest, located in Nepal. He also climbed to the top at age 70 and 75 — the first person to do so twice in his 70s.

Did we mention he’s had four heart operations and hip surgery? (according to The Washington Post )

As a young man he actually skiied (!!) down Mt. Everest — with a parachute to slow him down. A documentary was made about him doing this, which won an Academy Award (Oscar) in 1975. You can see a clip of the movie on YouTube here .

You can also take a National Geographic Kids quiz about Mt. Everest by clicking here .

Amazingly, his being on top of the world, literally and figuratively, may last … but the record might not.  An 81-year old Nepalese man is set climb Mt. Everest next week!  Stay tuned!

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