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Accepted to All Eight Ivy Leagues!

April 1st, 2014

Kwasi Enin. Photo courtesy: William Floyd School District

Getting into an Ivy League school is a huge accomplishment.

Getting into all EIGHT? That’s totally amazing and practically unheard of.

That’s what 17-year old Kwasi Enin managed to do!

He’s a senior at a public school in Long Island, New York. He says he applied to all eight hoping he might get into one.

When HTE first got wind of the story, we even thought there may be an April Fool’s Day tie in. But we called his school and confirmed it was all true.

He told the news service, Reuters, “I thought that getting into all the Ivy Leagues schools was, like, good for me – but now it’s a national thing. It’s kind of crazy.”

What’s the secret to his success? (a.k.a take notes …) 

USA Today reports …

He did better than 99% of kids who wrote their SAT s — it’s a test you take in order to be able to enter college in the U.S.

He’s in the top 2% of his class. And he has taken a lot of AP (Advanced Placement) classes.

His parents are immigrants from the African country of Ghana. They are both nurses. And Kwasi would like to be a doctor.

He volunteers at the local hospital’s radiology department. And he sings, too.

The eight Ivy League schools are:  Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard.

There were over 250,000 students who applied to Ivy League schools last year. Less than 10% got in.

That makes the fact that Kwasi got into all of them all the more amazing.

Best of all, he’s described as both smart and sweet.

We wish him the best … wherever he ends up choosing!

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