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Adam’s Answers!

November 29th, 2012

Adam Greenberg. Photo credit: NBC Newswire handout

A little while back, we featured the amazing story of Adam Greenberg . He’s the baseball player who was hit in the head with a 92-mile an hour fastball on the very first pitch at bat as a major league player. Ouch!

He was injured badly from that accident when it happened 7 years ago. He went through extensive rehabilitation but still couldn’t quite make it back into the major leagues.

Until … a fan of his, Matt Liston, started a campaign earlier this year to get Adam Greenberg a second chance . And after tens of thousands of signatures on a petition and lots of media attention … he got it!

Adam got a one-day contract with the Miami Marlins last month … and his long awaited do-over. Too bad it was against the best pitcher in the league, R.A. Dickey! Dickey struck out Greenberg. And then Dickey went on to win the Cy Young Award given to the best pitcher each year! Yikes! Regardless, for Adam Greenberg, it was a huge success.

But that’s not where the story ends.

Eoin. Photo credit: Eoin's mom

After 9-year old Eoin M. saw the story and wrote it up for HTE … Adam Greenberg and Matt Liston agreed to take YOUR questions! And many of the questions came from the members of LitWorld’s LitClub in Kenya. So great! Although we can’t take any more questions for Adam and Matt, HTE thanks everyone who submitted!

Here are all the kids’ great questions … and the wonderful answers!

Eoin: I saw your “one at bat” and was so happy for you. Sorry you struck out. Do you think it is because you should be having your chance with the Chicago Cubs? What are you going to do with your famous life now?

Adam Greenberg: Thank you!  I appreciate it so much– even though I struck out, it still felt amazing.  I don’t blame the Cubs at all!  They’re a great team.  I’m just going to use this experience to try to get better and make it back next year.

Benjamin and Isaac: We were very excited to see your at bat and learn your story. I think you should be a coach if you don’t play again in the MLB (Major League Baseball). Would you ever try that? Also, do you still like to watch baseball on TV?

Adam Greenberg: I would love to coach– I would make sure my players never gave up.  Baseball’s the greatest sport in the world, and I try to watch it whenever I can.  A lot of my former teammates are still playing!

Chinny: This is sooo inspiring! My question is:  Do you tell yourself anything (something that maybe motivates you) when the ball is coming your way?

Adam Greenberg : I just make sure I stay within myself, and stay grounded in the moment.  I try to appreciate every pitch I see, and never take any of them for granted.  Making sure each pitch isn’t my last keeps me motivated.

Diana (Kenya) Part 1: Adam, what interested you in baseball? 

Adam Greenberg:  I was interested in baseball from a young age– I just loved to play every sport I could, and baseball gave me a great chance to put my skills to use.

Diana (Kenya) Part 2: Matt, what inspired your to share his life story with the world?

Matt Liston: The story’s amazing!  How could you not be inspired by this?!  I’m just a guy who knows when someone out there in the world needs help, and I got something started, and all the fans out there made it happen.  Adam’s an amazing guy, and he deserves his story out there.

Bella (Kenya):   Adam, what is the best thing you love about baseball?  How old were you when you started playing?

Adam Greenberg: I think the best thing about baseball is the freedom you feel standing in the batter’s box, waiting for a pitch, knowing that you determine your own fate.  I was just a little kid when I started playing– as soon as I could pick up a bat!

Velma (Kenya):   Do you have any other complications from your injury? Or are you fully recovered now?

Adam Greenberg: At first, I had a lot of complications, and it took a lot of rehab to get my mind and body back into shape.  I still rehab my eyes every chance I get– you have to work at it all the time.  Now, though, I feel better than ever- it just takes work!

Miline (Kenya): Adam, do you feel like the your team rejected you after your injury?

Adam Greenberg: No, I never felt rejected, it was all just part of the game.  After my unfortunate injury, I had to work my way back, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

Spencer (Kenya): What do you enjoy the most now?

Adam Greenberg: I love baseball just as much as I ever have!  Running my own business, LuRong Living, is another passion of mine.

Lavenda (Kenya): Was baseball your dream or career?

Adam Greenberg: The best thing about baseball is what a fun job it can be– playing the sport was always my dream growing up, and I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve gotten to accomplish that.

Specioza (Kenya): Adam, what encouraging words did your friends and family give you?

Adam Greenberg: They were amazing to me during the whole journey!  All my friends and family just made sure that I didn’t give up, even when it hurt, and the fact that they believed in me let me work harder than ever to get back and make them proud.

A whole group of kids together, for Adam, from LitWorld LitClub/Children of Kibera Foundation, Kenya :

What is the absolute best thing about baseball?

Adam Greenberg : The absolute best thing about baseball is probably the team environment, making your teammates happy when you play well.  Too hard to pick, though!

What does home run mean? Can it be compared to a scored goal in soccer?

Adam Greenberg: A home run is a little bit like a goal, but it can be worth anywhere from 1-4 points, depending on how many people have gotten hits ahead of you.

Adam, you were really bold and a real fighter too but was there a point when you felt really scared and that he could not make it to the end?

Adam Greenberg: Yeah, when I first got hurt, I was definitely really scared, and hard work helped me through it.

Did your family and friends always support you at all times?

Adam Greenberg: My family and friends always supported me, and they still do!

What are some of your hobbies?

Adam Greenberg: My life definitely revolves around sports, so most of my hobbies are just playing and working out.  I’m a regular guy!

Thank you, Adam Greenberg and Matt Liston for taking the time to answer Here There Everywhere — News For Kids’ readers’ questions!

And thanks, Eoin, for your pitch … a story pitch about a baseball pitch … that got this great ball rolling!

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