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ANW’s Joe Moravsky Answers Your Questions!

November 18th, 2015

Joe "the weatherman" Moravsky. Photo courtesy:

Joe “the weatherman” Moravsky has been consistently successful on American Ninja Warrior, nearly completing stage 3 … three seasons in a row! He’s also a fan favorite. And an HTE Kids’ News favorite too! He’s answered your questions!

Thanks to all who submitted. Questions haven’t been changed or corrected for spelling. They were submitted by young kids and they did great!

And thanks to Joe Moravsky for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer kids’ questions!

Q +A with American Ninja Warrior’s Joe Moravsky:

1. Dear Joe, I love watching you on A.N.W! What inspirde you to do it? — Aidan

Joe Moravsky: I was inspired by the people I watched on the show… I’m sure just like you are Aidan. I was sitting on the couch one day and said to my parents, “Hey, I think I can do that!”… and sure enough here I am today!

2. What do you like about American Ninja Warrior and is it fun? — Sawyer

Joe Moravksy: I like the challenge of trying to do the “impossible”… and along the way I have SO much fun trying to beat each course!

3. What is your favrite chalenge you have done? — Margot

Joe Moravsky: My favorite challenge thus far has been trying to beat Mt. Midoriyama. It’s a REALLY tough challenge Margot!

4. Joe, what was the hardest course you have ever done? — Emma

Joe Moravsky : Emma, the hardest course I’ve ever competed on has always been Stage 3 on the Vegas Finals. Each year it gets harder and I get stronger… so I don’t seem to be getting any better because of that… hahah! I guess I have to try harder!

5. Before you do the course are your nervous? And is the fire real? — Max

Joe Moravsky: Being nervous is always a part of competing. If you can’t control your nerves, you won’t succeed! As for the fire Max, it most DEFINITELY is REAL!

6. How do you feel when everyone’s shouting your name? — Joe

Joe Moravsky: Having everyone shout my name is one of the coolest things to experience. Maybe one day they’ll be shouting YOUR name Joe (when you are running the course)!!!

7. Joe, do you have a cores at your house too?

Joe Moravsky: I used to have a course at my house but I recently moved and no longer need it (I’m pretty confident on my obstacle course running now). Maybe one day I’ll build up another one!

8. Joe, did you wish to be an ANW since you were a kid? — Leila

Joe Moravsky: ANW didn’t start until recently… but Sasuke (Japan Ninja Warrior) started in Japan in roughly 1997 and I didn’t know about it until many years later (I was probably 15 year old at that point). Once I saw it on TV, Leila, I was HOOKED!

9. What obstacles should I be training on? I have 15 obstacles in my backyard and I’m 12 years old. I’m going to try out for American Ninja Warrior when I’m 21. — TB, 12 years old, Massachusetts

Joe Moravsky: I would recommend training your all around athleticism. I was a multi-sport athlete (basketball, baseball, soccer, cross-country… to name a few), and I really think it helped! Also, rock climbing is equally important for that grip strength. Once you feel good with your athleticism, then look to obstacle course training and try as many obstacles as you can!

10. Joe, do you think there should be a kid one? — Jonathan

Joe Moravsky: Jonathan, we’ve talked about getting a kids Ninja Warrior on TV… but it just hasn’t worked out yet. MAYBE ONE DAY!!!!

11. To Joe: What do you like to have for lunch? — Emma (different Emma than above)

Joe Moravsky: Emma, I don’t really have a set diet. I enjoy chicken, eggs, broccoli, pasta, and pork (to name a few). I also keep an eye on how much “junk” food I eat so I don’t eat too much. I have to say… I RARELY eat fast food (I enjoy maybe a few french fries once in awhile).

12. When is your birthday and what is your favorite food? — Kara

Joe Moravsky: My birthday is March 23rd, 1989 and my favorite food has to be Chicken Parmesan. But I LOVE so many other foods too Kara!

13/14. Joe, what’s your favorite sports team? How often do you eat sweets? What is the most healthy thing you eat? What is your favorite book? What is the best thing to eat to get strong? — Trusten

Joe Moravsky: My favorite sports team has always been the Yankees… especially when Derek Jeter was playing. As for sweets, I certainly love anything chocolate (dark chocolate). On the flip side, I enjoy chicken, eggs, broccoli, pasta, and pork (to name a few). My favorite book is anything to do with Harry Potter and the best thing to eat to get strong is protein (but only if you’re working out too)!!!

15. Joe, when did you get interested in American Ninja Warrior? Was it exciting? Do you like tacos? How do you lift 100 lbs? — Jack

Joe Moravsky : Sasuke (Japan Ninja Warrior) started in Japan in roughly 1997 and I didn’t know about it until many years later. Once I saw it on TV, I was HOOKED! It is SO exciting to compete year after year! Yes, I like chicken tacos and I can lift 100lbs by practicing with smaller weight and progressively lift heavier things until I can lift all I need to!

16. Hey Joe, why did you do that backward transition on the Ultiumat Clifhanger? — Jacob

Joe Moravsky: In Japan, that is how the obstacle is supposed to be done… so I did it the correct way (which happens to be the way I practiced too!). The other athletes did it a different way because they probably thought it was easier for them to do it that way. I still don’t think it’s easier for me to do it the way they did… I prefer my way still!

17. Joe, is it hard to lose on stage 3 every year even though you are the best? — Keith

Joe Moravsky: It’s very sad to lose each year on Stage 3… but I can’t give up! I’ve been so close and I’m the only person in the history of American Ninja Warrior to make it to Stage 3 three times in a row (or ever!)!!

18. Why did you become a weatherman? — Charlie

Joe Moravsky: Charlie, meteorology has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I followed my childhood dreams of being a weatherman AND a professional athlete. See what happens when you put your heart and soul into what you love?!

19. Joe, how did you become athletic since you are a meteorologist? — Sophie

Joe Moravsky: I have always done sports Sophie! I played basketball, baseball, and soccer in school growing up and probably could have been close to being a pro baseball player. It just so happens I love meteorology too!

20. Joe, do you think of American Ninja Warrior as a hobby or a job? Why? — Miles

Joe Moravsky: Good question Miles! I think it’s a little of both. It started as a hobby but has turned into MUCH more. It consumes a lot of my time (like a job) even though it isn’t officially a job. But in order to succeed on this course/show, you need to treat it like a job!

Thank you, Joe, we learned a ton from you!

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