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ANW’s Geoff Britten Answers Your Questions!

November 18th, 2015

American Ninja Warrior Geoff Britten. Photo courtesy: Lei Wang

Geoff Britten, the first person ever to become an American Ninja Warrior by completing all four stages of obstacles, has answered your questions!

Thanks to everyone who submitted! (Readers questions were not corrected for spelling, most of them came from young children and we applaud their efforts!) Some children also forgot to include their names — no problem!

And thank you, Geoff, for taking the time to answer HTE readers’ questions!

20 Questions with Geoff Britten!

1. How did you feel when you won and were the first person to beat the show? — Joe L. & Andrew & R.C.A.

Geoff Britten: I was excited. Tired. Excited!!!!! I watched the final show again and it makes me get nervous (when I’m walking up to the rope on stage 4) and laugh (when I see how big my eyes were as they interviewed me afterwards.) Being the first was important to me, that only happens once. When I was about to start, my goal was to go as fast as I could until I heard the giant buzzer (they sound it with 10 seconds left.) Once  I heard that I would look up and see how it was going… and wow I can’t describe how it felt to look up and see the top so close. I hit the final buzzer 6 times – that felt perfect.

2. What did you do to selibrat? How happy were you? 

Geoff Britten: We didn’t have much time to celebrate right away – we had to film a special show, America versus the World the very next day! So I tried to get some sleep (which was impossible!) The next night my wife, family and I all went out and had a huge buffet dinner at one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas.

3. Are you happy you were the first American Ninja Warrior, or are you mad that Isaac beat you? — Keith

Geoff Britten: I’m very happy to be the first, and happy that he beat it as well. Some people feel that it was a competition between us – I’ve never looked at it that way. My goals have always been to beat the course, not the people.

4. If you could choose between being the first American Ninja Warrior and the $1 million, which would you choose? — Arlo

Geoff Britten: I’d much rather be the First American Ninja Warrior. There will be more winners as the years go by and the show grows, but like in climbing – there is only one First Ascent.

5. I was wondering how it felt to see the big rope and then try to beat it? Then you beat the rope and then finnaly you beat your final obsctal! 

Geoff Britten: Looking up at the huge rope was intimidating. It’s very very tall and I was exhausted. I knew that it would take everything I had and it did. Thanks!

6. Geoff, did you ever feel like you would never finish or you could not do it at all?

Geoff Britten: Absolutely. This was my second season, last year on stage 1 the jumping spider took me out. I had felt amazing, very strong, and super confident that nothing could stop me. Well … I was wrong! This season I went in with a different attitude, that any obstacle could be the last. I had doubts about stage 3 after watching incredibly strong people get tired and fall into the water – people stronger than me! Taking one obstacle at a time really helped me focus on what was important in the moment and it worked well!

7. How do you climb a 75-foot rope in 30 seconds? I can only climb a 15-foot rope in 30 min. — Sasha

Geoff Britten:  Awesome job climbing that rope! Rope climbing is very tricky and very hard. I practiced a bit on a similar rope in a gym close to me. So practice and don’t forget to use your feet! I’ll tell you a secret. The rope on stage 4 is even HARDER than it looks on TV – it’s very slippery! They spray-paint it red. My shoes and shorts still have that red on them =)

8. Geoff, did your hands hurt after you climbed the rope? — Marcus & K.M.

Geoff Britten: Nope – My hands felt fine. I did have large cuts on my leg from rope burn. You can still see one, it left me with a tiny scar to always remember that night.

9. How did you get down from the rope on Stage 4? — Iryna

Geoff Britten: If you watch it carefully on TV, you can see how they lower us down in a harness – it felt like flying or maybe what Peter Pan gets to do!

10. What do you like about American Ninja Warrior … and why did you go on the show? — S.

Geoff Britten: I love the other ninjas, they’re an amazing group of people. The obstacles are super fun and getting to test ourselves against the hardest obstacles in the world? Yeah, that’s what I love about it! I competed to test myself. I watched the show and saw all of these amazing athletes and I wanted to see if I could do what they could.

11. What is your favrite chalenge/obstacle you have done? — Margot

Geoff Britten: I really liked the Devil steps – not very hard if you can do a lot of pull-ups and just so much fun to go up and down!

12. What is the hardest course you’ve done? — Emanuel

Geoff Britten:  The hardest course for me was stage 3 in Las Vegas. In stage 3, the final obstacle, the flying bars was much harder than I thought it would be. It’s a scary obstacle, when you jump the 5 feet with the bar it’s easy to miss the cradles for it, so you have to aim – and hold on!

13. How do you have enough courage to face this amazingly hard course? — Kamryn

Geoff Britten: I get nervous. Everyone does! The secret is, embrace it. Know that it’s going to happen and use that to your advantage!

14. Dear Geoff, Hello. I am 8 years old. Nice job on American Ninja Warrior. What is your exersize work out? Sincereley, Sebastian.

Geoff Britten: I’ve been a rock climber for 21 years – so lots of climbing (bouldering, to be exact.) My family and I also train at a Ninja Warrior gym an hour away from us. The gym has lots of obstacles from the show to play on.

15. What motevats you? 

Geoff Britten: On American Ninja Water I’m motivated to be the first person to ever beat it. Mount Everest has been climbed, but Mt. Midoriyama hadn’t!

16. Geoff, do you really eat veggies every day for brekfast and lunch because you’re awesome. — Sammy

Geoff Britten: No way! I eat yogurt and granola though….. Yum! But I do eat a lot of fruit and this year my wife has been on me to eat healthier.

17. When is your birthday and what is your favorite food? — Kara

Geoff Britten: I’m born on August 10 – a Leo! Without a doubt my favorite food is pizza. I had the biggest pizza ever all to myself after beating the Pittsburgh city finals course!

18. What do you do in your spare time? — Emanuel

Geoff Britten: Spare time is not something I have much of. Between work and being a dad and taking care of our house… it’s all gone! I do love to read though. I just finished reading a biography of Elon Musk and I’m reading all the Star Wars books this month to get ready for the new movie coming out!

19. Geoff, what’s your favorite sports team? How often do you eat sweets? What is the most healthy thing you eat? What is your favorite book? What is the best thing to eat to get strong? — Trusten

Geoff Britten: I work lots of sporting events and I’ve never had a favorite. Growing up in Hawaii we didn’t have a professional sports team! I eat sweets every day. Usually too many! I eat lots of blueberries and my wife makes me special smoothies filled with healthy stuff (like spinach and fruits).

20. How do you get your muscles so big? 

Geoff Britten: Easy, by making working out fun and not a chore. That’s all it takes – and not overeating.

 Thanks again Geoff Britten! We appreciate it very much!


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