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Ask An American Ninja Warrior!

October 23rd, 2015

American Ninja Warrior Geoff Britten. Photo courtesy: Lei Wang

You know that show American Ninja Warrior — where awesomely athletic contestants try to make it through incredibly challenging obstacle courses?

Two of the show’s biggest stars have agreed to take 20 questions each from HTE readers! Whooo hooo! 

HTE is so grateful to have the  first person ever to claim the title American Ninja Warrior, Geoff Britten  … he recently made history as the first person ever to make it through all four stages of obstacles AND stand on top of Mount Midoriyama (the finish platform after climbing a 75-foot rope in under 30 seconds)!


Popeye. Wiki CC

He didn’t get to claim the $1 million prize though because the only other person to complete all the courses, Isaac Caldiero, climbed the final rope just a couple of seconds faster. Geoff is a sports cameraman who lives in Maryland. His nickname on the show was Popeye, after the cartoon character, because of his incredibly strong forearms.

Geoff Britten. Photo courtesy of:

Super popular and consistently successful  Joe Moravsky  (aka the  “weatherman ninja” ) will also take questions! He’s been on the show for the past three years and on Team USA for USA vs. the world American Ninja Warrior. He’s done incredibly well and fans love him. Joe is a meteorologist and lives in Connecticut.

Joe Moravsky. Photo courtesy:

You can see Geoff and Joe’s runs from American Ninja Warrior below. (commercials come from NBC, not HTE)

Both just recently filmed a spin-off competition to American Ninja Warrior called “Team Ninja Warrior” that will be out in 2016.

And I can tell you that in addition to being incredible athletes they are both very nice people. Thank you Geoff and Joe for doing this!

You can submit questions in the question box below by November 1, 2015.  Please include your first name or initial, age, state and question.

HTE will choose the final questions and their answers will be posted later in November.


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