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Ball of Energy

August 8th, 2011


Ball of Energy

August 8, 2011 — Imagine if all the energy you spent in a day, playing sports or running around, could be captured and then used to provide energy to power something else — like an appliance in your home, for example.

Four girls, as part of their school project at Harvard University, did just that.

They knew that 25% of all kids worldwide do not have electricity* … and that the vast majority of those same kids play soccer (considered the world’s most popular sport!).  After making that connection, they made another one, literally — a light that plugs into … a soccer ball.  It’s called a sOccket .

They figured out a way to capture the kinetic (movement) energy that goes into kicking the ball around and then keep it in there until later on when it’s needed, for activities such as reading. 15 minutes of soccer can power a light for up to 3 hours!

The sOccket is in the final stages of development and will be available later this Fall. And while its makers are aware it’s not the solution to the overall problem, they are shedding light on the electricity shortage issue for the 85% of the world’s youth who live in developing countries.*

Want to know more? Have any questions about this story? The nice people at sOccket are willing to answer your questions! Submit them in the comment/question box below and I’ll get it to them for you! Answers will be posted back here.

* according to the website

**according to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report 1996

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13 Comments on “Ball of Energy”

  • Megan says:

    i want one of those balls!!!

  • owen says:

    how did they make and create the sOccet?

    • Claudia says:

      Hi Owen,
      We made the sOccket while in college. It was an all-girl team and none of us are engineers. It works by storing the energy from movement in a battery that can then power small electrical appliances.
      Jessica O. Matthews
      Co-Founder and CEO
      Uncharted Play
      creators of the sOccket!

  • Mrs. Giles's class says:

    How much does the ball cost, and where can we buy one? How did they stick the outlet in the ball?

    • Claudia says:

      Hi, Mrs. Giles’s class. Prices haven’t been confirmed yet but it should cost about as much as a high-end soccer ball to purchase [from Claudia: a high-end ball I believe is $70 and up] a sOccket and send a sOccket to a child in need! We have an auction starting soon, learn more here: And, one panel of the ball is made with a hole that connects to the outlet, even with the skin of the ball. Thanks!
      Jessica O. Matthews
      Co-Founder and CEO
      Uncharted Play
      Creators of the sOccket!

  • Sharliy says:

    I want one too

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