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Black Friday … Now Thursday

November 20th, 2012

Shoppers in Texas, in 2011, who set up their tent on Sunday before Black Friday. AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, David Woo

The biggest shopping day of the year is notoriously the day after Thanksgiving. It’s called Black Friday and people line up by the thousands overnight, some in tents, many in the cold, making a mad dash when their favorite stores open early Friday (see video below). Usually they find the best deals of the year and kick-off the Christmas holiday shopping season.

But this year, some stores have decided to start Black Friday … on Thursday, which is still Thanksgiving Day. And it’s pretty controversial.

Some people say that Thanksgiving is a day for families to be together. And that the spirit of the holiday is to be thankful, not to go shopping.

But stores like Toys R Us, Sears, and Walmart will be opening their doors Thursday night at 8 pm, instead of midnight or early Friday morning. The stores seem to open earlier and earlier each year. They’re hoping to get eager shoppers (and their money) into their stores first. Store represenatitives are saying they’re just doing what shoppers have indicated they want. But even some of the store employees are protesting having to work Thanksgiving Day, a day that most people traditionally have off to be with family.

What do you think? Should Thanksgiving Day be off limits for stores and shopping? 

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