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China’s Amazing Ice and Snow Festival

January 15th, 2015

Harbin, China, Ice and Snow Festival. Photo by By Dayou_X/Via Creative Commons Wiki

The cold never bothered Harbin, China … in fact they thrive on it, hosting the world’s largest snow and ice festival every year. It’s under way right now.

Around 7,000 sculptors worked tirelessly to build … basically a city, complete with buildings, sculptures, and slides — all made of ice and snow! There are replicas of the Great Wall of China as well as world-record sized sculptures.

Colorful and coordinated lights make it even more glitzy at night. And this spectacular display attracts many tourists … while distracting them from the cold.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Photo credit: Steve Langguth via Flickr/CC

This is the festival’s 31st year. This year it began on January 5th and it’s expected to last until February 28. But a lot also depends on when it all begins to melt …

The big draw until then? The ice slide .

The photos in this post are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You can click on this Atlantic  photo essay to see more amazing photos of the event .

And this CBS News story isn’t from this year but it showcases the event really well.

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