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Earth Day! Book Giveaway!

April 22nd, 2014

Seed bomb. Photo credit: Marcie Chambers Cuff

HTE’s first passion is news, but a close second is our love of Nature. And the reason we love both so much is that they’re ways to show we’re all connected.

So, HTE wants to wish you a Happy Earth Day !

Earth Day is the largest “civic observance” in the world. No, its not a day off school, but over 1 billion people in 192 countries are expected to take part in Earth Day activities!

It’s an amazing chance to think about our one and only planet, how we interact with it, and what we can do make it better. ( It needs our help .)

HTE wants to celebrate Earth Day with you by giving away  two autographed copies of a wonderful new book called “This Book Was a Tree”, by Marcie Chambers Cuff. It’s loaded with wonderful ideas and projects for (re)connecting with Nature. And the hope is that you’ll get a little messy and dirty in the process!

*** Update: Thanks to all those who contacted HTE, we have our book giveaway winners! ***

Marcie was kind enough to share a project from her book we can all do this Earth Day — make seed bombs (see the picture at the top of this post). They look like life sprouting on little earths of our creation … symbolic for Earth Day.

Here’s what you do:

Image credit: Marcie Chambers Cuff

You can get the rest of the instructions from Marcie’s blog by clicking here .

HTE got a chance to ask Marcie a few questions about the book … and what Earth Day means to her.

HTE: What does Earth Day mean to you?

Marcie: I think it’s a day to kind of think about everyday things you can do to change the world in positive ways. It can be overwhelming if you look at the big picture, but if you take small meaningful steps and set a good example for other people, I think that’s what Earth Day is about.

HTE: What advice would you give kids about celebrating Earth Day and in general?

Marcie:  I think it would be to slow down and put down any screens. Once I find that I put things down and slow myself down, even if I don’t want to go outside initially, it changes how I feel about, and connect with, my environment.

HTE: How are you spending this Earth Day?

Marcie: Mulching the garden beds. And tonight I’m having an Earth Day party for my book where we’ll be doing a wool felting project.

Thanks, Marcie!

Did you know Earth Day has a website ? You can also learn more there about some of the celebrations and issues this Earth Day, including calculating your earth footprint  (how your lifestyle impacts the planet’s resources).

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