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Entire Town for Sale!

August 1st, 2011

photo credit: Karen Lynn

Entire Town for Sale!

August 1, 2011 — The entire town of Scenic, South Dakota is for sale, an aptly named but dusty old town that looks like it’s stuck in an old western movie.

In addition to 46 acres of land, the sale includes the town saloon, a creaky old jail, post office (you can have your very own zip code!), train depot, museum and dance hall.

About 700 people pass through the town each day … on their way to some place else. The next closest town is 30 miles away.  Currently only 9 people live in Scenic and all but two are related to the seller, Twila Merrill.

How much is she asking for it? $799,000.  That’s less than some homes cost … and owning a piece of history may be priceless.

photo credit: Google

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