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October 29th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy satellite image Oct. 29, 2012 via NASA Goddard/Flickr/CC

It’s pretty much all anyone’s talking about, thinking about, or preparing for on the east coast of the United States. A massive hurricane named Sandy from the south is expected to meet up with a colder storm system from the north. That meet up is expected to cause extreme conditions some are calling a “superstorm”, “perfect storm” or even “Frankenstorm” (mainly because it’s happening around Halloween).

Some experts are even predicting it could be the “Storm of the Century”.

The worst of it on the northeast coast of the U.S. is expected today and tomorrow. For a great up-to-date map of the storm via the New York Times,  click here . Or click here for the  National Weather Service .

50 million peo ple are expected to feel the impact in some of the biggest cities in the east, including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City . They’ve shut down the train system, closed schools, evacuated people (have them leave their homes to go some place safer), and safety shelters stocked with supplies have opened in anticipation of the storm — which is arriving now.

It’s a dangerous and life-threatening storm. The high winds are expected to knock down trees and power lines, possibly crushing cars and homes. Flooding is expected in areas surrounded by water … and has begun. Even snow is in the forecast. Thousands of flights have been delayed and many didn’t go into work today, bringing much of the eastern U.S. to a bit of stand still.

Hurricane Sandy is currently a Category 1 hurricane but has already killed dozens of people heading up from the Carribbean. Hurricanes are sometimes called nature’s biggest storms. They’re huge swirling clouds that form over the ocean and can measure hundreds of miles across.  It has a center called an “eye” that’s actually relatively calm.  The windy, rainy clouds around it are what cause the trouble.

Here in the greater New York City area, where HTE is, the wind is picking up.

HTE hopes everyone who could be impacted has prepared as best they could … and will stay safe.

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