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Gets Into Every Ivy League U … Turns Them All Down

May 21st, 2015

Photo credit: Big Stock Photo

A while back we told you about an ecstatic high school student named Kwasi Enin who got into every single Ivy League school. That was amazing enough. (Kwasi chose Yale).

Now there’s a high school student, Ronald Nelson, who just recently got into all eight as well … and rejected them all! What?

Why did he do that? And where’s he going to go?

Ronald ended up choosing …. the University of Alabama. If you’re scratching your head going, huh? … you’re not alone. It’s a public university. But apparently one with a lot of upside. Most importantly, Ronald chose a school he believes is the right fit for him.

You can learn more about him and his choice in this video. Congrats to Ronald for his amazing accomplishment … and for staying true to himself.

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