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Grocery Store of the Future?

December 6th, 2016

Photo credit: Amazon Go

Imagine walking into a grocery store, putting the food items you want into your bag … and then just walking out. Done. No checkout lines. No looking for your wallet. Just grab and go. Wow.

Amazon (the giant online store that started out by selling books) is opening a grocery store just like that in a few months. They made the announcement yesterday. There will only be one store at first — in Seattle, Washington.

How will it work?

First, you walk into the store and “check in” with your Amazon Go app on your smart phone.

As you put food in your bag, it’s sensed by the technology in the store and is added to your “cart” on your app. It actually uses a lot of the same technology as self-driving cars use.

When you’re done, you head out the door and your credit card that’s linked to the app gets charged. Again, wow!

It sounds amazing but it’s still in the testing phase so there might be some kinks to work out before it expands and we all shop this way. But Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos asked a question four years ago wondering how to make grocery shopping a better experience. Big dreams, big questions, Amazonian-sized answers.

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