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Patriots’ Historic Super Bowl Win!

February 6th, 2017

Super Bowl LI (or 51) 2017! Photo credit:

In the 3rd quarter with the Atlanta Falcons leading 28-3, even some of the biggest New England Patriots’ fans had to admit it wasn’t looking good for their team to win the Super Bowl this time around. A comeback from being 25 points down … nearly impossible. In fact, it had never been done before. No team had ever come back from more than 10 points behind in a Super Bowl.

Even superstar Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady had never come back from being that far behind in any NFL game he’d ever played.

The Patriots had to play nearly perfectly from that point on to win.

Cue the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.

In the 4th quarter, Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman made one of the most incredible catches EVER, reacting to it after it had been batted in the air, then catching it from between the legs of one of the Falcons, while diving, three opponents all going for it too, a shoe in his face, and the ball less than an inch off the ground. Edelman has it but lets go of it … but manages to grab it again, with the ball never touching the ground and with it decisively ending up in Edelman’s hands!  It will be re-played as one of the great catches for years to come. You can see it here on ESPN’s website . It was a clutch play to keep the Patriots alive.

With just 58 seconds left in the game and a victory for Atlanta, the Patriots tied the game up 28-28 — becoming the first Super Bowl in history to go into overtime. The game officially ended as soon as the Patriots scored the winning touchdown. The final score was 34-28. Amazingly, the Patriots won the Super Bowl never having been in the lead until it was over.

And in addition to the breathtaking comeback, the Patriots set all kinds of records along the way.

Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady made history becoming the first quarterback ever to win FIVE Super Bowls. He was also named the Most Valuable Player, the fourth time he’s earned that honor at a Super Bowl. He’s pretty much cemented his status as the best quarterback of all-time. Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick, now holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins by a coach, with five, and is also widely considered the best coach in the NFL. Tom Brady set Super Bowl records for the most passes (62), the most completions (43) and the most passing yards (466).

Patriots’ running back James White broke Super Bowl records for catches (14) and points scored (20) and was a huge factor in the comeback.

Tom Brady, acknowledging how close the game was, said after the win that, “There were probably 30 [plays] tonight if any one of them would have been different, the outcome could have been different.” But they never gave up … so it wasn’t.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots!

The NFL’s website has the highlights from the game here .

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