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April 15th, 2014

HTE is proud to have been selected to mentor three young writers for stories they’ll be writing about nutrition for NutriBee  — the first national nutrition bee currently in the works!

It’s a super cool program in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. HTE has always been committed to making kids healthier one nutrition news story at a time. And our work with NutriBee is an exciting way to continue that work.

HTE’s three writers submitted proposals to write about newsworthy trends in nutrition and were among only 17 applicants selected from around the country!

Their projects are called Bee Quests — the results will be their news stories … and their research will also contribute to questions for the national nutrition competition to be held in March 2015.

We’re working like busy bees on the projects now but we wanted to introduce our participants to you.

Caroline Dunn  will be writing about the trend toward healthier eating seen in more mainstream popular culture.  “Accompanying a love for writing is my obsession with food and eating healthily. With such interests, it’s no wonder that I’m excited to be part of NutriBee’s Bee Quest and to explore nutrition’s influence in popular culture.  I look forward to both learning more and teaching others about eating more healthily.” Caroline is a sophomore at a high school in Connecticut and has written for HTE before. You can read her stories about Rainbow Loom  and The One and Only Davion Only .

Elizabeth Bernard will be writing about the incredible increase in the number of food blogs out there and what that means for healthy eating. Elizabeth is a senior in high school, lives in New York, and is combining her love of writing and food. “I want to be a food critic or a food writer when I grow up, and I’m very excited to be a part of NutriBee’s Bee Quest. I think it’s really important for kids to have an awareness of the food they are eating and where it comes from, and I hope that this Bee Quest will give them the opportunity to develop a strong and healthy relationship with food.”

Sean De Ganon will be interviewing former Super Bowl champion, Verron Haynes, about how important it is for young athletes (and kids in general) to make good choices about food. You, too, can eat like a Super Bowl champion, and Sean will help tell you how. Sean is 14 and lives in New York. He loves following football so he says he can’t believe his good luck in having the opportunity to speak with a Super Bowl champ. Sean has written about sports for HTE before including about the Super Bowl , football , and basketball , including the NCAA championships .

Verron Haynes, has also agreed to take some HTE readers questions about nutrition! Yay! You can submit them in the comments box below. We’ll select some, and your answers will be part of the final story!

Congrats Caroline, Elizabeth and Sean! You’ll be able to read their stories later in June! To learn more about NutriBee and Bee Quest, click here . Or if you think you’d like to participate in Bee Quest next year click here  (you can do this on your own too as long as you are in high school and have a mentor, and it doesn’t have to be about journalism).

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