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Hyping the Hyperloop!

May 27th, 2016
Artist's image of Hyperloop. Courtesty of Hyperloop One.

Artist’s image of Hyperloop. Courtesty of Hyperloop One.

You’ve been there. Not getting anywhere because you’re stuck in endless traffic.

Then you have that fantasy … your car sprouts helicopter rotor blades, lifts you up over the traffic and you fly off to your destination. Bye-bye traffic.

Except we rarely ever actually do anything to solve the problem.

According to the Texas Traffic Institute, every hour you sit in traffic costs you $21. That’s money you could have been making at work and money you could have been saving on gas. On average, a person is stuck in 34 hours of traffic each year, even more if you live in places like New York and Los Angeles. That’s a lot! And if you consider that thousands of people are stuck in traffic for hours every day … thats a lot of time, money, and energy wasted.

Billionaire/Inventor Elon Musk was one of those people stuck in a traffic jam, an hour late for an important meeting when thought “there has got to be a better way!”

Elon Musk. Photo by Steve Jurvetson via CC Wikimedia

Elon Musk. Photo by Steve Jurvetson via CC Wikimedia

So he thought that the Hyperloop would be a good solution. You may remember a version of it in the Polar Express. Someone actually built a version of it about a hundred years ago, but that person was a bit ahead of his time as it didn’t catch on.

Basically, it would be like speeding along in a tube as if you were on an air hockey table … going 700 miles per hour! Perhaps not for the claustrophobic (people who don’t do well in small, enclosed spaces) but it sure sounds fast, fun … and efficient.

Mr. Musk is a busy man. He started PayPal. He’s got Space X , Solar City, Tesla , and Tesla’s Gigafactory building going on so he drew up some ideas and farmed out the actual making of it to others.

And just this month one of the companies trying to make it work, Hyperloop One , had a successful test of the some of the components!

Back to the future … here we come!

P.S. Today’s post is dedicated to Mrs. McPhaul’s class in Maryland 🙂

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