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Incredible Comeback!

March 10th, 2017


This seems to be the season of the epic upset: the U.S. presidential election, the Super Bowl, the Oscars, … and now in professional soccer.

Legendary soccer team, FC Barcelona, pulled off one of the greatest sports comebacks of all-time in a game against rival Paris St. Germain.

It was an important game in the Champions League  to advance to the quarterfinals (the final eight). The team that had the most goals over two games goes ahead.

The problem for Barcelona, a team that includes greats like Lionel Messi and Neymar, was that they lost the first game 4-0.  That meant that they’d have to win by 5 goals in the next name … against a tough team, in a sport where final scores are often more like 1-0.

In an incredibly exciting game, Barca was up 5-1 with just moments left — ssssoooo close, but they’d need one more for the miracle win.

Then, in stoppage time (after regulation time is done and where time lost during the game because of players being substituted or injuries is made up) … with seconds left, Barca passed it to substitute player, Sergi Roberto, who placed a perfectly timed foot on the ball … and scored!!!! That won Barca the game, advancing them to the next round … and pulling of a nearly impossible comeback!

You can see the highlights of all the goals here on Newshub’s New Zealand site . It has the best highlights package and no commercials.

The game was played at Barcelona’s stadium and the nearly 100,000 fans cheered and celebrated so much that it registered as a minor earthquake!

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