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Jumping Jack Record Attempt!

October 13th, 2011

photo credit: Claudia Heitler

Jumping Jack Record Attempt!

October 13, 2011 — Usually here at HTE, we read about other people in the news. This time, we were busy making it!

Here There Everywhere , in conjunction with our local Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and elementary school, got 544 jumping Jacks and Jills together to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people doing jumping jacks done in one minute! We were part of the hopefully over 20,000 needed for the record. Click here to watch some of the sights and sounds from our school in Westchester, NY:

The principal cheering on the action. Photo credit: Claudia Heitler

After posting the story on HTE in September about First Lady Michelle Obama and National Geographic Kids leading the national effort, HTE thought it would be fun for us to try too! The First Lady kicked-off, er, jumped-off the event as the “Jumper in Chief” yesterday. Here’s that video (fast forward to 43 minutes in!):

To paraphrase our school’s principal, Mrs. Laura Sullivan: It’s really great to be involved in the community as well as take part in something that’s beyond our community and is a truly national and international effort such as this.

Photo credit: Claudia Heitler

Reports of kids, communities, and schools from all over doing it are coming in.

The event had to take place between 3 pm on Tuesday, October 11, and 3 pm, October 12, in order to qualify. And because the official results aren’t due until the end of October, it’ll be a little while longer before we know for sure if the record was broken. But we’ll keep you posted!

A local cub scout. Photo credit: Claudia Heitler

Some cool things about the way our event shaped up:  After we monitored the weather forecast leading up to our big day, it became clear that it was supposed to start to raining pretty much at the exact moment we were planning to have all the kids outside at 1 pm! Yikes. So, we had to make some adjustments and changed the time to first thing in the morning instead.

The Guinness World Record rules state that the supervisors, time keepers and offcial witness can’t be affiliated with the school (so, no teachers), jumpers (no parents), or the sponsor groups (the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts). That meant we needed to reach out to our community and, wow, did they come through. Just about everybody in town including our village manager, police chief, the entire parks and recreation department, head librarian, historical society members, realtors, pizza store owner, local bank, building department supervisor, knitting group, seniors, and more, were willing to help! Even those who couldn’t joked about doing a little dance to help keep the rain away. The support was very moving.

One of our official time keepers. Photo credit: Claudia Heitler

And then … the moment arrived! It was impressive to see how efficiently our school moved nearly 600 people outside in an orderly way. Once everyone was in place, the PE teachers, Mr. Kiely, Mr. Stanley, and Ms. Drummond, played jumping-themed songs over the loud speaker which really set the mood for the kids. And since the kids had been praciticing for weeks beforehand, everyone knew what to do and was raring to go. Click here to watch the (raw) video of some of the sights and sounds:

It was amazing to watch each grade, from 4th grade down the kindergarteners, take their turn doing their jumping jacks and showing their stamina. But what was even nicer to watch was the 4th graders spontaneously break out into a cheer in support of the 3rd graders, as the 3rd graders were readying for their turn. And on down the line, all the kids, big and small, cheered each other on. Record setting spirit.

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