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Math and Science Win Stanley Cups?

May 14th, 2013

One of the many close saves NY Rangers gaolie Henrik Lundqvist made against the Washington Capitals. Photo licensed/credit: AP/Alex Brandon

For those of you following the hockey playoff frenzy, what a couple of games last night!

The Boston Bruins made an amazing comeback after being down 4-2, with less than 2 minutes left in the game — and less than two minutes away from being eliminated from the playoffs. They won 5-4 in overtime against the Toronto Maple Leafs to move on to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Now they’ll face the New York Rangers who also won an incredible game last night. They beat the Washington Capitals in game 7 of this best of 7 game series, on Washington’s home turf — the first time the Rangers have won a game 7 away from home. And they did so convincingly winning 5-0!

How’d these teams do it?

Yes, sheer athleticism and incredible determination has a lot to do with it. So does good coaching, and good captains. Even a bit of luck.

But did you also know a lot of it comes down to Math … and Science?

If you’ve ever wished you could apply these school subjects to your favorite sports … you can! NBC Learn (in conjunction with NBC Sports, the NHL, and the National Science Foundation) have put together videos applying hockey to geometry, Newton’s Laws of Motion, statistical averages, and more. These videos are great. They’re easy to understand, informative, and entertaining.

These are just two of them, there are ten in total. You can watch them all by  clicking here to be taken to  .

You might never watch hockey quite the same way again!

Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs match-ups are:

The Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Detroit Redwings

The Los Angeles Kings vs. the San Jose Sharks

The Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the Ottawa Senators

The Boston Bruins vs. the New York Rangers

To see highlights from last night’s game or get times for upcoming games click here for the NHL’s website .

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