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It’s a Small World After All!

October 11th, 2016

Front foot (tarsus) of a male diving beetle. Photo credit: Dr. Igor Siwanowicz/Nikon Small World

Wow. Just wow. Nikon, one of the leading photography companies, has a contest every year for the best picture taken … under a microscope! And what a world of amazing colors, shapes and patterns we can’t even see with our eyes!

You can see the incredible photo entries at the Nikon Small World Photography website here . You can even vote for your favorite (with the help of an adult if you’re under 13) until October 25th. The winner will be announced October 26th.

They’re worth a “closer” look. Just incredible that all of this is going on right under our noses … and microscopes!

Slime mold. Photo credit: Jose Almodovar/Nikon Small World Photography

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