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Perfect Attendance from K-12!

May 16th, 2012

Gennesaret Sealy is set to graduate on June 5th with perfect school attendance from K-12. Photo credit: AP/Dave Martin

Have you ever missed a day of school because you were sick? Or your family took an extra day of vacation?

Probably, right?

Amazingly, 17-year old Ciara Cetraro will be graduating from her high school in Hawaii at the end of this week and has never missed a day of school … since Kindergarten!

That’s over 2,000 school days in a row in the 13 years between Kindergarten and 12th grade! Wow.

She told West Hawaii Today ,  “I never did this for the recognition or awards. It’s always been a personal choice and a hard habit to break. School is very important to me and I like it. I’ve always been afraid of possibly missing something. I just wanted to try my best, learn as much as I can and continually improve myself.”

She is also reportedly a class valedictorian (a speech usually given by the top student), senior class vice president, vice president of the Go Green Environmental Club, president and treasurer of the school’s National Honor Society, and captain of the school’s cheerleading squad.

Her brother, Nicolas, graduated last year with the same perfect attendance and as a valedictorian, as well.

It seems to run in the family.

Another student, Gennesaret Sealy, from Alabama, is also set to have a perfect attendance record when she graduates in a couple of weeks, on June 5th. Her brother, Sosthenes, did the same thing before her, too.

In Gennesaret’s case, she’s never even been late … not even when they got into a car accident, or when she had to leave extra early to take the city bus to school for a while, according to an interview with the Associated Press . Though Gennesaret is reportedly a member of the National Honor Society and on the debate team, she also added, “I do actually do other stuff than study.”

Some people say trying for perfect attendance isn’t all good. They say that some kids who go for perfect attendance might end up going to school even when they’re sick, and then get other kids sick.

But most agree that good attendance is really important to doing well in school. You can read more about that at Attendance Works , a national organization that focuses on this issue.

On the whole, these students seem super-motivated, seem to really love school, have moms who encouraged them on the days they weren’t sure they could do it … and they might just have really strong immune systems. For them, making it to school every day just became a tradition.

Happy graduation to Ciara and Gennesaret.

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