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How’s Our Country Doing?

January 23rd, 2011


Every year, the President of the United States gives a speech that’s shown on television talking about how the United States is doing. It is also a chance for President Obama to talk about the kinds of laws he is hoping to pass and what’s most important for him to be working on.

The speech is traditionally given in front of a joint session of Congress. Congress is made up of two branches of the government, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Just like the President, Senators and Representatives are elected by the American people, us.  We vote for them, so they are there to let the President know what we want.

President Barack Obama will be giving his State of the Union on Tuesday, January 25at 9 pm. He has given one already … and he has two years left to be president before someone else can try. This speech has been given for 221 years.

Some of the main things he will talk about is making sure that the United States is keeping up with the rest of the world, and trying to make sure that there are enough jobs for everyone.

You can watch The State of the Union here .

On Thursday, January 27th at 2:30 p.m., President Obama will answer people’s questions in a live YouTube interview from the White House. If you have a question for him you can send them in advance to (typed up or in a video). He only answers a few and a lot of people submit, but you never know!

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