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Astronaut Scott Kelly Breaks Record!

October 29th, 2015

Scott Kelly selfie from ISS. Photo credit: NASA

American astronaut Scott Kelly — who made headlines in March for heading into space for an entire year — is now past the halfway point.

And he breaks the record today for the most number of days in a row (consecutive) an American has been in space. 216 days!

He also holds the U.S. record for the most number of days total in space with 396 days … and counting.

President Obama recently made the super long distance call to congratulate him!

Commander Kelly is at the International Space Station conducting science experiments … and being one! He’s there to see how the human body does after a long time in space. Knowing that will allow us to one day send people deeper into space, hopefully to explore other planets like Mars. For now, when we go on these kinds of missions , it’s with spacecraft that has lots of cameras and sensors … but no people.

Scott Kelly is expected back on earth in March 2016.

In the meantime, he has taken these amazing pictures of earth from space.

"Day 187. I see #London, I see #France. Good night from @space_station! #YearInSpace" - via Twitter on Sept. 30, 2015

"#EarthArt A single pass over the #Australian continent. Picture 15 of 17. #YearInSpace" - via Twitter on Oct. 13, 2015

"#HurricaneJoaquin churns over the #Bahamas with #Miami in the field of view from @Space_Station #YearInSpace" - via Twitter on Oct. 2, 2015

"#EarthArt Our planet seems to have a sense of humor at times. #YearInSpace" - via Twitter on Sept. 30, 2015

"My favorite color is blue. But it's green I miss most. #NewZealand You were everything I expected. #YearInSpace" - via Twitter on Sept. 29, 2015


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