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The Robin Hood Restaurant

January 10th, 2017
Madrid's Robin Hood restaurant screen grab via CCTV.

Madrid’s Robin Hood restaurant. Screen grab via CCTV.

At a restaurant in Madrid, Spain, regular paying customers come for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, the restaurant is reserved exclusively for the homeless. The money that’s made from the meals paid for earlier in the day … is used to provide free dinners for homeless people later that night.

The restaurant seats 50 people and there are two seatings for dinner (one earlier and one later), so each night the restaurant feeds 100 homeless people.

It’s called the Robin Hood restaurant after the storybook character Robin Hood who steals from the rich to give to the poor. There’s no stealing going on here but it does embody the idea of people who have means sharing with those who are less fortunate.

Image via

Image via

And the Robin Hood restaurant is about a lot more than just providing food. In addition to a warm and hearty meal for the homeless that’s the same quality as a paying diner would receive, it’s a rare opportunity for a homeless person to eat with dignity — being served by a waiter or waitress at a table with a nice tablecloth, cutlery, and glasses … and eating comfortably and in the company of others.

The restaurant opened in the last month or so and the hope is to open more of them around Spain. It’s an initiative of Spain’s Messengers of Peace  and its 79-year old leader known as Father Angel. Angel, indeed.

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