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Romney Ready For General Election

April 30th, 2012

Mitt Romney. Photo credit: Flickr user Austen Hufford via Flickr/Creative Commons

by Amie Parnes

After a busy primary season, the Republicans are coming closer to choosing the man who will run against President Obama: His name is Mitt Romney.

Romney, who is a former governor of Massachusetts, a former businessman and the father of five boys, was chosen after Rick Santorum, another candidate who competed in the Republican race, dropped out almost two weeks ago.  Since then, competing against two remaining Republican opponents, Romney won five primaries, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. By doing so, he helped inch closer to the general election, building more support from Republicans.

Romney’s other opponents won’t likely be in the race much longer. Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, will be suspending his campaign on Tuesday. It is unclear when Romney’s other challenger, Ron Paul, will drop out of the Republican race but he has no chance of winning. But Romney is well on his way to being crowned his party’s leader and receiving the nomination. The Republican party will make it official later this summer at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

But before that happens, Romney will have his attention focused on Obama. Recently, with the other candidates leaving the race, he has shifted focus to the general election. Romney has been on the campaign trail telling voters that President Obama hasn’t done enough to help the economy. He says he has better ideas to help more Americans get jobs.

President Obama in January 2012. Photo by Flickr user Intel Photos/via Creative Commons

But President Obama disagrees and he is making the opposite arguments against his likely opponent. Beginning on Saturday, when Obama’s campaign holds its first official campaign rallies in Ohio and Virginia, the president will make his case for a second term. His supporters think he has a good chance of winning because they say the economy has improved since he took office. They also point out that Obama helped pass a big new law to help more people get healthcare, ended the long war in Iraq and finally found Osama bin Laden, the man who was responsible for planning the September 11 attacks.

But for many voters this election is all about the economy and which man will have a better leadership plan for the next four years.

The two politicians will meet later this year, when they take part in several presidential debates.  Until then, expect to see them all over the news, as they compete for the highest office in the land.

Amie Parnes with HTE's Claudia Heitler

Amie Parnes is a White House Correspondent for The Hill . Thanks, Amie!

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