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Row, Row, Row Your Boat … Across the Indian Ocean

April 25th, 2011

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Right this minute, a British woman named Roz Savage is rowing a boat by herself trying to cross the Indian Ocean. She’s already crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in separate trips and when she reaches the other side of the Indian Ocean in 4 months (!) she will be the first woman to have ever crossed all three oceans that way! Today is the 14th day of her journey.

She’s rowing in her 23-foot long, one-person purple boat from Fremantle, Australia to Mumbai, India. She has very few things with her on her almost 4,000 mile journey. She has food, a water filter to make the salty ocean water drinkable, two satellite phones, a GPS system, and a computer, among other things.  She rows 12 hours a day, but she writes about her journey every day and you  can read about it here .

But it’s definitely not easy. Her mother, Mrs. Rita Savage, kindly emailed my son’s 2nd grade class this morning to tell us that Roz is in a dangerous place working hard to row past some rocks.

We are so grateful to Mrs. Savage for taking the time to answer some of the kids’ questions :

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class: How does she power her GPS and computer without electricity, or does she have electricity on her boat?

Mrs. Savage: Roz has some solar panels on her boat, which use sunlight to make electricity, which is stored in batteries. This gives her power for her GPS, her satellite phone, her water maker and her cameras.

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class : How does she brush her teeth?

Mrs. Savage: She brushes her teeth just as you do, using water to rinse her mouth, and then having to spit into the sea.

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class: What if she runs out of food?

Mrs. Savage: Roz has enough food on the boat to last a year. Expedition meals, dried fruit, seeds for sprouting so that she has something nice and fresh to eat, something like muesli bars – plenty of those in lots of different flavors.

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class : How does she get the salt out (of the ocean water) to be able to drink it?

Mrs. Savage : Roz has an electric machine that pumps in sea water and removes the salt, to make water that is alright for drinking and washing – the watermaker.

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class: What will she do when she makes it (across successfully)?

Mrs. Savage: She talks to children and grownups about how important it is to stop throwing rubbish into the sea, especially plastic. The rubbish is poisoning the turtles, the fish, the dolphins, and lots of other sea creatures and birds.

Mrs. C’s 2nd grade class: What time does she go to bed at night?

Mrs. Savage: When Roz has finished rowing for the day, she has a good wash, puts on dry clothing, sits in her cabin to send her blog, and goes to sleep (if the waves are not too rough) about 10 o’clock.

Mrs. C’s class also sent their well wishes to Roz Savage for a safe and successful journey! Here’s a you tube video about her voyage as well. Good luck!


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