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Remembering Sargent Shriver

January 23rd, 2011

A very important American named Sargent Shriver died earlier this week. He was 95 years old. He married into a very famous and influential family called the Kennedys. Shriver’s brother-in-law, John F. Kennedy, was one of our most famous presidents.

Even though Shriver tried to become president once and didn’t succeed, he did an incredible amount of good for the country and the world. Maybe even more than if he were president!

Shriver started the Peace Corps, an organization that sends volunteers from the United States all over the world to help people in other countries who need it, for example, to build schools and hospitals, and help educate people about how to stop the spread of certain diseases.

photo credit: Creative Commons/Flickr user treesftf

He also developed a program called Head Start, which helps less fortunate kids make sure they start Kindergarten as ready as other children. More than 25 million children under the age of 5 have benefited from this.

In addition to that, Shriver also ran the Special Olympics, for incredible and hardworking athletes who have either physical or intellectual disabilities and otherwise would not have a chance to participate in the regular Olympics. The Special Olympics is now in 170 countries.

photo credit: Asha Anchan

These are just a few of the programs he worked on to help people do great things together peacefully.










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