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Should Dogs Wear Seat Belts?

July 15th, 2011


Should Dogs Wear Seat Belts?

July 15, 2011 — Seeing a dog sticking its head out the car window enjoying the sights and smells on a sunny day is super cute, but is it safe?
Increasingly, many are saying it’s not.

One concern is that just having a dog free in the car can be distracting to a driver, for example, if your dog barks, or if you are petting it or scolding it. Another reason is that if the driver steps on the brakes, your seat belt may protect you but your dog might not be so lucky.

Experts say that in a car with brakes being applied while driving 35 miles per hour, even a small dog can create a force the equivalent of 2,700 pound baby elephant! Bad for your dog … and could be bad for you too.

So, what to do?

There are actually many different kinds of dog seat belts on the market depending on the size of your dog and the kind of restraint you want.

There are harness and booster type seats, ones that look more like leashes where your dog can move around a bit and get comfortable. And there are ones for the cargo part of your car.

Is your dog going to like it? Probably not so much, at least at first.

And while law enforcement officials seem to agree that this is a safer way to travel for your pet, it’s not a law. In fact, right now only a handful of states even require safety belts for children on school buses! Wearing a seat belt only became a law (in most states) in 1984, not even 30 years ago.

So the decision, for now, is yours. What do you think?

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148 Comments on “Should Dogs Wear Seat Belts?”

  • Kayla says:

    I think the dog should wear a seat belt. It’s like animal abuse if one dies. We buckle in Tigger (our cat) because his carrier has a seat belt loop that we run the seat belt through. I’d rather have a sad animal than a dead animal.

  • Kate says:

    I am glad you wrote this article. I like the way that you made it clear that dogs should wear seatbelts.

  • Harry Flores says:

    I think dogs should wear seatbelts. My dog Fern wouldn’t want to wear one though.

  • The amo says:

    I love dogs

  • karleen says:

    I think yes and no if u might put a seat belt on a dog they maybe can’t breath or they might not like it and you should because u can keep you’re dog safe

  • Bruce says:

    For twenty years of my life seatbelts were a choice for people to wear. I still hate wearing them! This is just another way for big brother to control us all. We can’t live life in fear of everything! It’s ridiculous. The article mentions how some states don’t require seatbelts on buses. I think that’s great. I hate stopping for school buses. Didn’t have to do that either when I was growing up and I never heard of anyone getting run over as a result of not stopping for them. Kids aren’t that stupid. Just more new world order control. Thanks liberals!!!

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