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May 7th, 2013


What’s SPPRAK?  The latest toy, the newest dance craze … a big typo?

Are you a SPPRAK? We bet you are.

It is an acronym (which means that each letter in SPPRAK is the beginning letter of a word).

But it’s much more than that. The letters stand for S pecial P eople  P erforming R andom A cts of K indness, and it’s a movement catching on with kids — big and little alike…

As you can see from the kids in the video below, it doesn’t have to be expensive, big, or take up a lot of time. Most often it’s the simple little things, like a smile, that can be the difference for someone between a bad day, and a good one.

And these are things we’re pretty sure already come naturally to you.

Have you done something nice for someone today? Has someone done something nice for you?

(sorry about the commercial, it comes from NBC’s video)

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