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Super Bowl Showdown Set

January 20th, 2015

File Photo of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Photo credit: Keith Allison via Flickr/CC

The Super Bowl XLIX showdown is set.

(XLIX is Roman numeral for 49, it’s how the Super Bowl does it).

The Seattle Seahawks will play the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 1, in Glendale, Arizona.

The Seattle Seahawks won the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship to advance. They beat the Green Bay Packers 28-22.

The New England Patriots won the Atlantic Football Conference (AFC) Championship to advance. They beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7.

Seattle won the Super Bowl last year, and both the Seahawks and the Patriots were the number 1 seed in their divisions so this match-up was anticipated.

But it almost didn’t happen, at least not in Seattle’s case.

Seattle’s Story

They made an incredible comeback in the final few minutes of the game. And then won in overtime.

The Packers were dominating 16-0 at half-time and as the game progressed they were all but packing their bags for the Super Bowl.

Then the Seahawks got crafty, faking a field goal kick and sneaking the ball down the field to score a touchdown. They were finally on the scoreboard heading into the 4th quarter. (Games are divided into four 15-minute quarters).

The Packers then went up 19-7.

Seattle would need two touchdowns … fast. But Seattle’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, kept throwing the ball into the hands of the opposing team. Not good.

Then Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch finally scored a touchdown … but it didn’t count because he ever so slightly stepped out of bounds. Not much seemed to be going Seattle’s way. But they didn’t give up.

Green Bay’s Brandon Bostick missed the catch on a key play, bouncing it off his helmet and into Seattle’s hands. Momentum changer.

And then with less than three minutes left in the game, Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch scored two touchdowns!

The Seahawks were actually up with just seconds left in the game. The Packers came back to kick a field goal to tie it. A winner could not be decided in the normal 60 minutes of the game so they headed into overtime tied at 22-22.

Seattle scored in overtime for the win. An epic comeback. And some football experts are now debating whether the Packers’ loss was the worst in playoff history.

New England’s Story

There was definitely not that kind of drama in the New England Patriots game against the Indianapolis Colts. That was a 45-7 thumping.

The Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, will be headed to the Super Bowl for the 6th time. He’s won three of the five Super Bowl’s he’s been in.

The Seahawks will be trying to win the Super Bowl for a second year in a row. Not easy to do and it doesn’t happen often. The last time a team won the Super Bowl back-to-back was in 2005 (a decade ago).

The last team to do that? The New England Patriots.

2014 Super Bowl champs. Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch and quarterback Russell Wilson. Photo credit: andrewtat94 via Wikimedia/CC


You can see the top ten plays from both games here on

For basic football rules you can click here for the NFL’s explanation for beginners .

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